"If anyone out there is looking to make
a serious income on the Internet, then
look no further folks this is THE ONE!"

I love to hear from the people I've helped to make
money online - here's a small sample of
the emails I've received...

"If anyone out there is looking to make a serious income on the Internet, then look no further folks this is THE ONE... no fluff, straight talking, no nonsense, I can't speak highly enough of it..." Bob Mac

"Anyone out there who is reading this... please do yourselves a REALLY BIG favour and listen to this... You will not be able to sleep as you will be so excited. You will have no excuses because nothing is left unsaid. You are given all the information you need. Don't get scammed anymore. This is the real deal." Ian

"I am absolutely convinced that anyone who applies their mind to your strategies cannot fail to make money." Lynda

"A teacher at the end of your PC, it's genius. And for a complete novice like me it's just what you want. I don't have one negative point to say. What can I say Jon, except it's amazing! You should be really proud." Tanya

"...Absolutely brilliant, just the thing that I am looking for to lift the fog from what seemed such a mysterious industry to me. Talk about over delivering, you're not kidding! I like how you keep things simple, as it would be very easy to lose me if you started to use any techno gobbledygook." Kevin Lockwood

"Everything is so much clearer now and makes so much more sense, I can't wait to get started so I am going to re-run the video and set up my own business by just following your instructions, so easy." Neil Gray

"At last an English voice telling me how to do it in England instead of an American telling me how to do it American style. I am making progress with your information as you intended it. Thanks very much again." Tony Crofts

"Your down-to-earth approach has to be seen to be believed. I am sure budding entrepreneurs would pay thousands for training of this calibre, and even if you're one of the ones [like me] who struggle a bit with the Internet, it's all here for you in an easy-to-understand format, in plain no nonsense English." James

"Everything is set out clearly and in language that I can understand and this is from someone who can't programme a video! If I don't get the desired results with your course I don't deserve to succeed." Hilda

"We are both in our early fifties, and have tried everything, including affiliate programs, been on seminars, etc, all without any success whatsoever, spent possibly £5,000 and not made a penny, mainly because we have never had the full instructions that you provide... at last things are dropping into place."
Phil & Debbie

"Thank you - I've tried a lot of things, but this, so far, is the first that has been a REAL step-by-step." Jayne

"I have been trying lots of biz ops over the last two years without success. They butter you up with all the promises, you get the package, digest it and then think to yourself, what the hell's all this about? You read it again and come to the same conclusion. Then you dismiss it as gobbledegook, or it's going to be either too complicated, too costly or it's a scam, so you just file it with the others. This is the first one that I feel is well explained, bags of info and extra bonus material, and your step-by-step approach is brilliant." Mike

"The way you present yourself and the way you simplify and explain the technical aspects of the Internet is refreshing, badly needed and frankly quite remarkable. I applaud you for this and I now fully appreciate why you are different and that you genuinely want to help guys like me succeed." Hugh Wheelan

"Brilliant, real easy to follow, just how I like things!" RM

"The information you supply is the most straightforward and down to earth that I have come across. Please keep this going, as there are a lot of us out here that need you." David Burns

"Geez, you're just awesome. You are the only one that makes things simple. All I need to do is get off my fat backside and do it!" Stacy

"We have subscribed to and joined lots and lots of things, attended seminars - but when you get home you are on your own. Lots of ideas and plenty of brick walls but never sure what to do next. Then we came across Jon Street; at last, here is a guy who can help you. Jon Street is amazing and we trust him 100%." Debbie & Phil

"I have paid for quite a few courses over the last couple of years and nothing comes close to this." Stuart Woods

"I can't believe my luck in finding you, you are my knight in shining armour. As someone says (I can't remember who) 'when the student is ready the teacher will appear.' How right they were, it's creepy. Everything falls into place - it really is incredible." Anne Fenwick

"Recently signed up for your Internet Income Detective which arrived on Saturday morning and I must admit I have not been able to put it down since. I must say that your IID is a breath of fresh air to me and look forward to reading them in the up and coming months." Paul Dimmock

"I would like to thank you for producing the Internet Income Detective. It really is excellent and I am pleased I subscribed. I have read every issue so far. Keep up the excellent work." PM

"I found the first issue extremely good reading. You obviously know what you're talking about." Bob Matthews

"Received your IID package at the weekend and was most impressed with a lot of the content. Keep up the good work. I know I'm going to like this!" Walter

"Jon, I did it! I made my first money online thanks to you. I used your affiliate idea and made exactly £1,200 in affiliate commissions. And that was in one day! Thanks for all of your support. I would have given up ages ago if it wasn't for you." Adam Saunders

"I've regularly pulled in £100 to £200 from ezine advertising thanks to your advice." Matthew Stanhope

"This is the business I have been waiting for. Something I can do quickly and knowingly. Thank you" Steven Kuypers

"What a relief it is to breathe sweet and fresh air, untainted by B.S. You tell it like it is, not like so many other so called Internet marketing "gurus". I have been burned many times, sucked in by the "next big thing", and pretty lies. Nobody EVER shows you how to do things step-by-step as you do, or dares to reveal the REAL moneymaking strategies. Quite simply, the little I have seen so far blows everything else out of the water. You are genuinely helping people to achieve their dreams and goals. Way to go!" Gordon Souter

"I have just joined the IID which I am truly enjoying. You really have put some awesome stuff together, which is very inspiring... I really felt like knocking it on the head after being bit so many times and getting nowhere, your Internet Income Detective has put some fresh wind into my sails." Craig Bulman

"I would like to start by congratulating you on IID. It seems everything I hoped it would be. Just a perfect resource for any newbie, or someone like me who has been hanging round for ages, drowning in information." George

"You deserve all the praise you receive - and a whole load more! I'm truly enjoying this... I'm actually excited about achieving something real, after spending the last two years in the wilderness getting bogged down and wasting time on useless products that never worked - but which just made other people rich! I've learnt so much... can't thank you enough." Mike

"You've only gone and done it again! I love your matter of fact style. No fuss or fluff, just detail after detail delivered in your usual cheeky, easy and informative way that even an old technophobe like me can understand. Well worth the investment, excellent!" Nigel

"I would say it is the IDEAL library of info for any newbie wanting to be taken by the hand and shown how to make a few bob online. Your delivery and approach is unique, I wish you every success Jon." Gavin Mahon

"This is an amazing and probably the best course on the market that teaches you how to genuinely create your own internet info publishing business at almost zero cost. Down to earth - you bet - no fluff and no BS. The only way you can fail is by doing nothing." Geoff Johnson

"I've learnt so much (and still am) in such a short period of time that I'm absolutely delighted. So glad I subscribed. I believe you have undersold yourself - but I'm not complaining! With regard to the guarantee period Jonathan I can confirm now that I will definitely NOT be asking for my money back (I feel I should pay you more!) - I'm totally satisfied and strongly believe it is some of the best money I've ever spent! Furthermore, I can confidently recommend you and your products to anyone who is looking to make money online and wants decent, honest quality and value." Mike

"I am an Internet Marketer and have a number of websites/blogs. I have subscribed to the Internet Detective for the past three years and have gained an immeasurable knowledge about successful Online Marketing and with the help of this publication, avoided many pitfalls and scams that proliferate Internet Marketing.

Without the honest and down-to-earth analysis and tips published every month in the Internet Detective, I would have lost much valuable time and money chasing rainbows that do not exist.

The Internet Detective DOES 'seperate the wheat from the chaff' in a
straight understandable manner". AshUmer

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