At last, here’s the kind of honest, up-front deal from a business expert that you’ve always wanted to hear...

Let me send you an online income plan, including training, contacts and resources FIRST... then pay me AFTERWARDS when you’re absolutely
sure you’re going to be successful.

Just one of these income streams could make £200-£500 per month, very quickly. But this is ONLY for realistic people prepared to put in some work.


I’m looking only for people prepared to put in some work... with realistic expectations of how much money they can make. Just one of these income streams could make £200-£500 per month, very quickly.

But you’ll need to tick these THREE BOXES below to get in...

Dear Frustrated Income Seeker,

I know how it feels...

You come across what seems to be a brilliant internet income business.

The guru insists that it’s easy and proven to work... that you can’t possibly fail if you follow the steps.

The sales spiel is so alluring. You’re full of excitement, thinking this might just be the big one you’ve been looking for – finally, a way to pay your bills and buy some of the good things in life. After years of frustration, things are looking up.

Then it happens... like it always does....

You’re asked to cough up a load of money before you’re allowed to see what it is... or see proof that you could make the sort of money he’s claiming.

Doesn’t seem fair does it?

After all, if the internet business is so good, why are they afraid of letting you set it up first? I mean, you’d be willing to pay for something if you KNEW it had true potential to make you money, right?

So why aren’t you given that chance?

This is why I’ve taken an unusual step. I hope this is the fairest, most honest and up-front offer you’ll ever see.

You can have all the materials, training, resources and support you need to finally set up your first profitable online business.

This includes access to a hand-picked team of experts in technology, marketing, writing and logistics who can help you overcome ANY problems that have stopped you in the past.

You can start with a FREE £200-£500 a month internet income template. It’s easy to set up within 7 days, without needing previous experience, email lists, contacts or advertising skills.

But instead of asking you to trust ME on all of this, I’m going to trust you.

I want you to have all of this for the next month BEFORE you decide whether it’s worth paying me. No commitments. No money leaving your account that you have to get back. No retuning anything in the post. I’ve taken away all those common hassles.

This how confident I am that you can realise your dreams of earning money from home – given the right help.

My name is Nick Laight. I’m an entrepreneur, publisher and mentor who has been making money online since 1999. In the last 5 years alone I have generated at least £15 million in online sales for my businesses.

But I said I’d be honest...

So I’ll give you the bad news right now...

I’d love to say that you could flick a switch and earn this kind of money overnight from a secret formula. But the truth is, there’s no easy loophole that unleashes untold riches. There’s no LEGAL business that rakes in large wads of cash within a few weeks. I can’t wave a wand and turn you into a mini-tycoon with a Porsche and a footballer’s wives mansion.

The world simply doesn’t work that way. So let’s dispense with all that childish BS you’re being shovelled.

Instead, let’s talk like adults.

If you genuinely want to make regular money from the internet – and I believe you do – then you’ll know deep down that it’s going to take a GOOD IDEA and the right resources to put it into action. It’ll require some time, patience and guidance from experts who’re actually out there doing this.

Look, I’ve made money online for my own business. I’ve consulted for other people’s businesses. And I’ve helped individuals get set up online and making money. But I won’t pretend I have all the answers, or that I’ve not looked for guidance from other experts.

I’m lucky enough to have gathered a team of top experts in computing, marketing, copywriting, publishing, social media and web-building. These are the people who help ME get my projects up and running. Together they can provide you with absolutely everything you need to set up, and run, a part time (and eventually full time) internet business.

Whatever you think your weakness are... whatever sticking points you’ve had in the past... whatever frustrations you’ve experienced... they will give you honest, jargon-free guidance.

To get you started, we’d like to give you...

Six Step Manual

A step-by-step manual that will show you an internet income template that could make a modest but REAL starter income of around £200-£500 a month.

I’ve made sure this is as straightforward to follow as can be... so it doesn’t matter if you’re not familiar with the internet or running a business. It includes :

An online training series that you can watch on your PC at your own pace, where you will be shown, screen-by-screen, how to set this proven Internet income plan up from scratch - even if you have NO prior experience of the web!

These materials are yours for free, no strings attached. It doesn’t matter whether you decide to pay me at the end of the 30 day review or not.

And this is just the beginning.

You’ll get access to hundreds of templates, income plans and strategies – plus reviews of all the latest internet systems and technologies from a team of experts who can answer any queries you have.

I’m not arrogant enough to think that I know everything. Over the past decade I’ve been fortunate enough to build a team of people I can trust. They scour the internet every single day, experimenting, testing and trialing the latest ideas.

This is the team behind the Internet Income Detective Service. They are led by Sara Baugh, who is so ahead of the game when it comes to the internet that she’s my “go to” person when something needs to be checked out. Sara started her Internet Marketing career by spending over 5 years working for a specialist publisher in London where she was employed as an online marketer and copywriter before becoming their online manager.

Since then Sara's worked on hundreds of projects on a self employed basis creating and managing websites. They range from small blogs to huge e-commerce websites with revenues in excess of £1 million.

She's specialised in building email lists, writing online content, setting up online shops and running social media campaigns.

Her husband is the best selling Kindle author, Mark Edwards, who knows what it’s like to struggle in a search for an income. He’d spent the best part of 20 years trying to get a book deal. Just this year, he earned enough from his efforts to finally give up the ‘day job’. Sara often persuades him to contribute his expertise to the Internet Income Detective.

Sara admits she doesn’t have the patience to plug away at the same thing for 20 years. As editor of the Internet Income Detective she seeks out internet projects that make small, regular pockets of money. She's tried out every system, shortcut, software and strategy... anything that could help someone like you make money online, quickly and easily, without the pitfalls.

On her team are copywriters, website builders, publishing experts, eTail experts, product developers and SEO masters who can offer you jargon-free, straight talking advice on almost any aspect of setting up a home business.

Take Rob Cornish, for instance. He’s the author of Stock Market Sniper, Gain Higher Ground, Internet Income Funnels and a member of the Sara’s Internet Income Detective team. He can tell you all about ebooks, affiliate marketing, membership sites, YouTube videos, pay per click and the latest digital products. He’s tried them all! Recently he made £3,743 in just 3 days from an online product he got other people to make for him for just a few quid.

He’s got many more gems like this to share, so...

If you really want to generate a good second income from the web – in your spare time, in the evenings and at weekends – Sara and the team will help you achieve it.

What’s more, you can benefit from their expertise first without paying up front.

There are so many self-proclaimed ‘experts ‘who want your money on trust. Sure, some offer you a refund. But often you have to jump through hoops to get it. It’s a worry to see money leave your bank account for something you’ve not even SEEN yet.

I know this is what’s preventing a lot of people trying the workable income generators out there. It makes me furious, because I know the right person can make a second income from home, given the right guidance. But they miss out, rightly too afraid of losing their money and wasting time.

This is why I’m willing to send you everything you need, including full access to the resources, materials and support of the Internet Income Detective team. See proof of the potential of this FIRST before you pay.

Then... and ONLY then... will you need to offer me what will amount to a tiny sliver of the profits you could make.

If you’re not absolutely convinced that this is the breakthrough you’ve been looking for, walk away. You can keep all the materials you’re sent. There’s no need to return anything, sign anything or trudge down to the post office.

There’s only one condition, and it’s a big one...

If you don’t tick the following boxes, don’t apply

There will be those who snap up this offer because they take anything that comes along for the sake of it. They’re known as “tyre kickers” or “biz opp junkies” and they’re not really serious about putting in the effort needed to make an income.

They’ll half-heartedly try for a few days then find an excuse to give up and move onto something else.

They’ll get annoyed at a few obstacles without even bothering to get help from my team.

They’ll expect miracles.

They’ll be unhappy even when profits come in because it’s not instantly HUNDREDS per day.

These types always take up valuable places that SHOULD go to keen people serious about changing their lives.

So I’m afraid...

Tyre kickers, instant wealth seekers and “biz opp junkies” need not apply.

I’m going to open this up to 150 people who are:

If you can tick all three boxes, I’d love to offer you one of the 150 free copies of The Six Step Internet Income Plan, a fun and workable internet business worth a potential £200-£500 per month. It’s yours to keep without any commitment.

IID Website

To help you put it into operation, you’ll also get the full Internet Income Detective service. That means Sara and her team delivering you all the support, advice and guidance you need - plus income streams you can add, month on month. You’ll get email alerts, a monthly newsletter (10 times a year) and members-only access to a website packed full of every idea, shortcut and money making technique we’ve EVER come across.

See how it all works. Use the tools and materials. Get Sara’s help and advice. Have full access to all the benefits and privileges upfront without paying anything until you’re 100% happy this is what you’re looking for. .

This offer puts ALL the pressure
on me to deliver, not you.

I realise I’m taking a sizeable risk in sending you all this stuff before you decide whether to pay me. You could take this Internet business set-up kit and ride off into the sunset if you wanted to.

But I can guess that you might have spent money before on various Internet ‘cash generating’ programmes... schemes, seminars, or bits of software in the past that haven’t made you a penny.

Or perhaps you really want to have a go at making money online – but every time you search for ideas on Google it feels like ‘information overload’... maybe the Internet seems a bit complicated to you...

Maybe you’re fearful of who and what is lurking out there in the big bad online world... maybe you feel a bit out of your depth... a bit intimidated... maybe even secretly embarrassed by your lack of knowledge and experience of the Internet...

So let me SHOW you that you can do this, without you needing to risk anything or commit to anything. Let us help you set up your first online business.... then with Sara and the team’s help, move onto another.

There’s no reason why after a year you couldn’t have two or three income streams of £200-£500 a month – and that’s still without giving up the day job.

Everything you’ll discover in Internet Income Detective is something Sara has tested on my behalf with MY OWN MONEY. Where it’s made a profit she’ll give you a step-by-step ‘recipe’ so that you can copy the strategy to the letter. Where she’s lost money she’ll tell you why, and more importantly, how to avoid doing the same.

This is the kind of thing you’ll learn during your risk-free trial subscription to Internet Income Detective:

Take it from me: just one Internet moneymaking
idea can change your life FOREVER – without
taking up too much of your time...

Starting up an Internet home business is so enjoyable and hassle-free, you’ll want to put a lot of effort into it, even though you won’t have to... because money will be hitting your account whether you’re sat at your computer or not!

Can you picture the effect this would have on your life?

It doesn’t matter how old you are... how limited your knowledge is... how ‘technical’ you are... or how many times you’ve been ‘burned’ before!

Sara and the Internet Income Detective Team do all the research, trial and error all for you – sharing only the best and most workable strategies with you, giving you the instructions you need to set it up.

And remember, we’re giving you EVERYTHING up front. You don’t have to pay for a whole month, until you’ve gone through everything – that’ includes the FREE Six Step Internet Income Plan, a fun and workable internet business worth a potential £200-£500 per month...

PLUS – access to the members’-only website packed with blueprints, tips, shortcut and advice. Email alerts and updates. And a hotline to Sara and the team for advice and help when you need it.

If after a month you’re in any way disappointed... just walk away. No money will have left your account. The materials you’ve accessed sent are yours to keep.

But if you’re as happy as we expect you to be – and you can see solid PROOF that you can run your very first internet business and make money... then I’m sure you’ll be happy to pay to continue with the Internet Income Detective.

What would you pay for someone to help you set
streams of easy Internet income over the next year?

My normal subscription fee to Internet Income Detective is just £19.75 a quarter.

Remember that includes reviews, brand new, step-by-step business blueprints and all the insights, advice tips and tricks that Sara and the team uncover.

I publish the Internet Income Detective ten times a year. The only months I don’t publish the newsletter are July and December. That’s when Sara takes her holiday. We really believe it’s important to get your work life balance right – that goes for our experts as well as you.

However, the team will be available all year round for support, and the members website is permanently available any time of day or night.

Now let me put that £19.75 a quarter fee into context... in the last few days I’ve seen one-day Internet seminars advertised for £495... two-day seminars priced at £1,500... I’ve also seen one-off Internet products claiming to “free you from the rat race” from anywhere between £98 to over £4,000!

(Remember, Internet Income Detective isn’t a one-off: it’s a FULL YEAR’S worth of tutoring, guidance and moneymaking advice...)

Now, I realise that £19.75 a quarter may seem like a lot of money to shell out – particularly if you’ve paid for things before that haven’t worked... but I don’t want that to put you off from giving this a go.

So I’m going to give you a special HALF-PRICE first quarter discount. That means all you need to invest to get everything I’ve outlined above, is just £9.25 (that’s around 10 PENCE A DAY!)

And don’t forget: you get to see everything upfront first before you decide... that includes the online training and manual: The Six Step Internet Income Plan: how anyone can set up a hands-free online business in just 24hrs and make £200-£500 a month!

I’ve already outlined the value of these online moneymaking secrets in this letter... but so that we’re clear, if I were to SELL my manual and online video training separately,

I’d charge a minimum of £60. But you’re getting these for FREE with your trial subscription... and they are yours to keep, regardless of whether you stay on as a subscriber, or not.

Remember: there’s no obligation... put me to the
test without paying any money up front for 30 days

I’m keen to distance myself from the over-hyped rubbish, the slick sales patter and the here-today-gone-tomorrow snake-oil salesmen who stalk the Internet.

I want you to be completely happy with the online moneymaking advice and assistance Sara and my handpicked team of experts give you over the next few months. If you’re not, then I don’t deserve to keep your money – simple as that.

That’s why, I’m going to go one step further...

Even if you decide to stay with Internet Income Detective after that 30 day “no money” trial you further protected by a further moneyback guarantee.

If at ANY time over the 90 days you’re not convinced you can make regular money from my advice, just contact me and I’ll refund your money immediately.

There’ll be no questions... no quibbles... I won’t give you a hard time over it.

90 day guarantee

That’s a FULL 90 DAYS money-back guarantee. I can’t be any fairer than that.

After 90 days you’ll then only pay the normal quarterly rate of £19.75 per quarter. You can, of course, still cancel at any time and no further payments will be taken.

No Money Now

I guarantee you won’t get a better opportunity to
make £200-£500 every month online with as
little risk as the one I’m offering you today!

If someone had offered to help me set up a proven moneymaking online home business FOR FREE when I started I would have snapped their hand off!

Believe me – if I could have avoided spending the thousands of pounds to learn how to make good money online I would have. If someone had offered me this kind of instant leg-up for free, there’s no way I’d have turned them down!

So look – if making a virtually hands-free £200-£500 a month online sounds like your kind of thing, you need to act FAST...

No Money Now

I'm giving access to just 150 sets of the manual and online training. Your only chance of getting your hands on one is to click on the 'Send No Money Now!' button and this will take you through to a secure ordering page.

As soon as I receive your order I’ll give you instant access to your free manual and video training; and your very first issue of Internet Income Detective will be posted to you straight away.

The sooner you do it, the sooner we can get cracking. And remember: if I don’t live up to your expectations, you don’t pay me a penny!

Best regards,

Nick Laight

Nick Laight


Internet Income Detective

IID email image

PS: I almost forgot! As well as your free online video training, manual, monthly newsletter, access to my personal email address and Internet business blueprints; I’ll also send you a free weekly email where you’ll get up-to-the minute Internet business thoughts, analysis, tips and secrets...

You’d be hard pushed to find this much value for – and you won’t have to pay anything up front to review it all.
So click on the button NOW – without delay!

No Money Now

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